We Want to be in your bathroom

The Last Ride In began with a simple goal: to create a great product using natural ingredients offered at a great price


If you believe the supermarket shave creams are going to be good for your skin, then go beyond the slick marketing campaigns and read the list ingredients on the side of the pack. They’re full of nasty chemicals that will do more harm to you than good.


Instead of expensive marketing campaigns and huge retail markups, we’d rather give you natural ingredients that leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised.


The Last Ride In is also concerned about the amount of plastic packaging we throw away. With that in mind we offer our shave cream in Eco-Packaging, which is better for the environment, is travel and airport friendly and saves you money.


We’re Australian made and owned and small enough to care . We guarantee you’ll have a great shave or we’ll give you your money back.


Try it today- your skin (and wallet) will thank you.


-The Last Ride In Team