How to Get A Great Shave

Shaving shouldn’t be a chore. Use these tips to get a great shave every day:

1.  Prepare your skin with warm water 

The combination of water and heat will open your pores and soften your facial hair. Your hair cuticles will stand up in a better position for a clean cut.

2. Apply Shaving Cream

Use our Hollywood Ending Ultimate Shave Cream and apply to your face and neck. Massage a small amount (about the size of a 20 cent piece) onto the skin using a circular motion.

3. Choose a Good Razor 

You don’t need 5 blades to get a good shave. Just make sure your blades are sharp! What razor you use is up to you- but here at The Last Ride In we recommend a safety razor. It gives a fantastic shave and you’ll save money too!

4. Technique

Shave in small downward strokes with the grain of your beard.

5. Rinse

Rinse your face with cool water. Apply moisturiser if needed.

Enjoy your day!

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