Our Eco-Packaging

same formula. saves the enviroment. saves you money

Our eco-packaging won’t win any awards for looks, but we’re committed to producing less waste and saving you money.


The amount of resources that go into our eco-packaging is much less compared to the alternatives. As a result the carbon footprint is a fraction of other conventionally packaged shaving products.


Our flexible spout pouches are lightweight and resistant to puncture, breakage and waterproof. They protect our formula from oxygen and UV light, are airport friendly (no aerosols!), pack easily when travelling and sit upright on shelves.


They can also be placed in your recycling bin. Even if they find their way to landfill, the pouches occupy less space compared to other packaging.


Aerosol cans are bad news. They are largely made up from aluminium which uses huge amounts of energy to produce. We use the can for a month, then throw it away. Crazy!


At least 8m tonnes of plastics leak into the ocean every year, the equivalent of dumping the contents of one garbage truck every minute into the ocean. At present this adds up to more than 150m tonnes of plastics in the ocean, and by 2050 the weight of plastic is likely to outweigh that of fish.